How I Fail: An Interview About Scrapes, Bruises, and Face-Plants

One of the very best things about Twitter is its networking function. I have met remarkable people from all over the world, benefitting from their experiences and insights, collegiality and friendship. Among them is Veronika Cheplygina, an assistant professor at the Medical Image Analysis Group at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. A few months ago she added a series to her blog called, How I Fail. She interviews PhDs in various fields, and at various stages and places in their careers, about how they manage the inevitable professional and other obstacles in their paths. It's a terrific series that I highly recommend, especially for would-be and new PhDs, and junior faculty. Less advice about what decisions to make, these are stories about how we stumble, pick ourselves up, and move forward.

I'm honored to be part of Veronica's conversation about failure and success. My interview can be found here, if you're so inclined.