Call for Contributors for Open Textbook on Judicial Politics

Dear Colleagues, Eric N. Waltenburg, Jennifer Diascro, and I are curating a new judicial politics reader as part of the Oregon State University Open Textbook Initiative (see We hope that this textbook will provide accessible research materials to augment the more traditional textbooks utilized in our undergraduate classes as well as take advantage of the electronic platform to link together other available resources. As this is an open textbook (i.e. free to use for students), we are seeking previously unpublished work to include in the volume. As a general guide, we are looking for systematic empirical analyses, both qualitative and quantitative, that use undergraduate-friendly methodologies. Given that the format is electronic, we would like to include posters as well as other forms of scholarly work. We want to feature the work of undergraduates as well as graduate students and faculty.

Following the outline of most of the textbooks in the field, we plan to include the following topics:

  1. Role of courts and law in our political system
  2. Organization of the judiciary (state and federal)
  3. Actors in the judicial process
    • Judges
    • Lawyers
    • Litigants
    • Interest groups
    • Juries
  4. Court procedures
    • Criminal
    • Civil
    • Appellate
  5. Judicial decision-making
  6. Judicial policy-making
  7. Judicial process in a comparative perspective
  8. Courts and public opinion
  9. Courts and media

If you are interested in participating in our volume, please send an abstract of your paper or a copy of your poster for consideration. In the abstract, please identify the general topic(s) of your manuscript (from the list above), research question, methodology, and main findings. If you send a poster, please identify the general topic(s) it addresses. We are reviewing abstracts and posters on a rolling basis.

Please send abstracts to with the subject line: Judicial politics reader.

We will be able to offer contributors a small honorarium for each manuscript accepted as part of the volume as long as funds remain available.

Thank you,

Jennifer Diascro (    

Rorie Solberg ( )

Eric Waltenburg (


Download Letter: Call for Contributors.Open Textbook Judicial Politics